About Us

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Making Colors Matter is a non-profit organization started in the year 2019, committed to helping students build a better future. The overall goal and motive are to merely help others by doing what it knows best and make a difference in society. The NGO focuses on making education accessible to kids and helping spread knowledge. Behind the creation of such a wonderful venture is the zeal and enthusiasm of a 17-year-old girl, Trisha Vidyanand and 14-year-old girl, Shayna Vidyanand.

Shayna Vidyanand (14 years young) is a budding artist who started painting at the age of 10. She uses vivid and exuberant colors that bring out a unique perspective in her artwork. Her art is inspired from different places that she visits around the world and the surroundings that she sees every day. She has her own unique viewpoints and observations on the things that she sees.

Whilst in her freshman year, Trisha Vidyanand (17 years old) started tutoring kids to help the underprivileged. She raises money by imparting knowledge and all the funds go towards the welfare of Making Colors Matter. She strongly believes that education is one of the most powerful and effective catalysts in one’s social transformation. It acts as both the means as well as the end to a better and more fruitful life as it inspires and uplifts an individual to earn a living and the end because it raises one’s awareness on a plethora of issues surrounding.